RobinGaming is een Nederlandse Youtuber.


All-Out Gaming Videos. News on upcoming games, consoles & more! Subscribe to stay up-to-date on everything PlayStation 4, Uncharted 4, and all Gaming News. Business Inquiries: My name is Robin, I'm 22 years old and from The Netherlands. Currently, I make YouTube videos related to gaming on a full-time basis, now that I've graduated in Software Engineering. I talk about the latest gaming news including various sides of the industry like the next-gen consoles and the most anticipated upcoming titles. Make sure to subscribe, as I deliver videos mostly on a very frequent basis. I hope you'll enjoy the videos! :) Some of the games I talk about include Uncharted 4 & The Lost Legacy, The Last of Us Part 2, Death Stranding, God of War, Crash Bandicoot & Red Dead Redemption 2. Current gaming hardware: - PlayStation 4 - PlayStation 3 - PS Vita - PC This channel is a part of the Machinima Network.


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149000 Abonnees
39774924 Videoweergaven
8047 Likes/video
1047 Alle Video
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Momenteel heeft RobinGaming ongeveer 149000 abonnees op YouTube en is, op basis van het totale aantal kanaal-abonnees, gerangschikt als 352e op de Nederlandse youtuber-ranglijst. Tot nu toe heeft hij 1047 video's geĆ¼pload die in totaal ongeveer 39774924 keer zijn bekeken . RobinGaming uploadt meestal om de 4 dagen (gemiddeld) een video en krijgt per gemiddelde video ongeveer likes en reacties.


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# Datum Abonnees
352. 10/02 149000
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# Datum Videoweergaven
365. 10/02 39774924

Afbeeldingsbron: Instagram van RobinGaming (@data)

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