Retropolis Zone

Retropolis Zone

Retropolis Zone is een Nederlandse Youtuber.


Good day, mates, and welcome to Retropolis Zone! As of right now, you can find reviews of video games here. Sounds original? Well it isn't, but each video is made to be critical and in-depth. I also try my damnedest to be as fair and unbiased as I can - always! Though the channel name may suggest otherwise, I actually do not necessarily restrict myself to titles of older generations; it just so happens that the franchises and one-offs I take interest in are more often than not classics or have their roots further back in the past. Have a peek in my uploads (and playlists for extra convenience) and you may find something in there you like! If not... go elsewhere? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Are you one to show off to your friends and family how much of a nerd you are? Interested in getting updates on my current shenanigans or upcoming projects? Then by all means go ahead and follow me on social media via the links below! (Google+ stinks and I hardly ever use it but the link can't be removed)


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Momenteel heeft Retropolis Zone ongeveer 17200 abonnees op YouTube en is, op basis van het totale aantal kanaal-abonnees, gerangschikt als 912e op de Nederlandse youtuber-ranglijst. Tot nu toe heeft hij 35 video's geüpload die in totaal ongeveer 1837411 keer zijn bekeken . Retropolis Zone uploadt meestal om de 48 dagen (gemiddeld) een video en krijgt per gemiddelde video ongeveer likes en reacties.


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975. 10/02 1837411

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