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Welcome to my gaming channel, on which I share my reviews, let's plays and other gaming related content. Please enjoy your stay and leave me a comment to let me know what you think. About me: I'm Seb, AKA the Half-Blind Gamer. I'm a fun loving, positive minded guy, who's always enjoyed (retro) video games with a passion. I enjoy sharing this fun hobby and the experiences it brings with others. Apart from video games I have an interest in movies, psychotherapy, (alternative) medicine, food and I am playing goalball on a semi-professional level. About the name: I have a visual impairment, hence the name. For those who are curious in the numbers, my rest vision/visual acuity is measured at around 20/400 or 0.05 in decimal. I find ways to achieve what I want just the same though, a little creative thinking goes a long way.


HalfBlindGamer is een Nederlandse Youtuber.

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HalfBlindGamer heeft huidig ongeveer 6408 Youtube Abonnees en staat op plaats 1106. op de Nederlandse Youtuber stand gebaseerd op het totaal aantal kanaalabonnees en behoort daarmee tot de TOP 73%. Het kanaal bevat 624 video's en heeft 1995870 weergaven.


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1106. 10/22 6408
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947. 10/22 1995870

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