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Hello and welcome to my Youtube channel! I can't believe it has been online since 2006 already. 10 year anniversary! My name is Christine and I'm from the Netherlands. I love to be creative and have a range of hobbies I enjoy spending time on. My youtube channel started out with AMV's which got me into the video editing, but later my interest grew in drawing. It eventually led me to an art academy, but I realized that wasn't my path in the end. So! I started focusing more on games and audio and eventually found my way into voice acting, singing and composing. Skyrim was my main focus and I started voicing several NPCs for amazing mods, including the popular mod: Sofia On my youtube channel you can now find covers, own composed music or Let's plays! For any updates you can take a look at my Facebook page, Patreon, or Website. Hope to see you around! ^-^


finalCrystine is een Nederlandse Youtuber.

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finalCrystine heeft huidig ongeveer 2013 Youtube Abonnees en staat op plaats 1317. op de Nederlandse Youtuber stand gebaseerd op het totaal aantal kanaalabonnees en behoort daarmee tot de TOP 86%. Het kanaal bevat 407 video's en heeft 2266638 weergaven.


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Gebaseerd op het totaal aantal Youtube abonnees.

# Datum Abonnees
1317. 10/22 2013
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# Datum Videoweergaven
916. 10/22 2266638

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