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I would like to share some of my favourite Harry Potter scenes here on my channel. I will not be posting whole movies, this is illegal. If you like the scenes I have posted, I suggest you buy the dvd's. If you haven't yet, I recommend you buy all the dvd's and books anyway. Please note I do not own any of the scenes I post, All rights reserved: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. I'm just a big fan of the Harry Potter movies and books and I'd like to share some scenes and other material of this great franchise, now that all the films have been released in the cinema's. And of course I would like to do them justice with High Quality movies. These are all memories to all the fans, and a place for us to talk about them. I hope Warner Bros will let me and the fans have this channel. I make no money for this at all! I just want Harry Potter to live on.


DutchHPfan1992 is een Nederlandse Youtuber.

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