DutchBondFan is een Nederlandse Youtuber.


Good day fellow Bond fans! You have found the channel tailored for Bond fans! To me, Bond represents the ultimate male fantasy; a great form of escapism and a major hobby which I happen to be very knowledgable and passionate about. It gives me huge fulfillment to share this passion with people who feel the same way. I'm aiming to produce unique Bond content that is entertaining, informing and humorous combined with my own style. I'm striving to keep working on this channel for years to come and make it more and more complete as I go! (This channel found it's origins in 2007 under the name "DutchBudokaiFan" and initially became populair with videos of the GTA games. I enjoyed my years of producing GTA content, but as I got older, there were drops in motivation and views. In the end it was either quiting the channel or contuining down a different path. In 2015 I made the crucial choice to continue the channel in this direction instead.) Jeroen (DutchBondFan)


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25500 Abonnees
8507282 Videoweergaven
344 Likes/video
816 Alle Video
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Momenteel heeft DutchBondFan ongeveer 25500 abonnees op YouTube en is, op basis van het totale aantal kanaal-abonnees, gerangschikt als 811e op de Nederlandse youtuber-ranglijst. Tot nu toe heeft hij 816 video's geĆ¼pload die in totaal ongeveer 8507282 keer zijn bekeken . DutchBondFan uploadt meestal om de 5 dagen (gemiddeld) een video en krijgt per gemiddelde video ongeveer likes en reacties.


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# Datum Abonnees
811. 10/02 25500
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# Datum Videoweergaven
680. 10/02 8507282

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