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Most people know this channel from the good old League of Legends days. At some point this channel was my job and I enjoyed it. After some time I got tired of LCS and stopped editing those kind of vids Also I needed a more reliable source of income so I started editing for: Gosu, Bunnyfufu, Gross Gore, Rush and Proguides. Back in 2007 I started getting into editing COD2 plays. Went on to League of legends and now with the coming release of COD:BO4 - Battle royale mode I plan on making a return to the COD scene. I really like the Battle Royale games (played PUBG & H1Z1 a ton) and it all started with COD2 so yeah I'm really excited for the release. I know some people might not like it but I would like to start to upload COD Battle Royale moments. Thanks alot if you stick around.


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dodged heeft huidig ongeveer 279114 Youtube Abonnees en staat op plaats 169. op de Nederlandse Youtuber stand gebaseerd op het totaal aantal kanaalabonnees en behoort daarmee tot de TOP 11%. Het kanaal bevat 201 video's en heeft 83484714 weergaven.


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169. 10/22 279114
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190. 10/22 83484714

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