Br0kenRudder is een Nederlandse Youtuber.


this is broken rudder, we game steerless, the worst footage in the best quality possible !! Ank Myrandor with his clearly 2 left hands will try to play some games, and fail horribly. Llocke / Pheriae also plays games, sometimes more indie games, pwn everything while even explaining the games for you :) this duo have been playing games for many many years, therefor one of them can game, the other is just an idiot with a microphone. the idea behind br0ken rudder is that we are steerless, even we don't know where we are headed for in the future. an open mind is the best thing to describe the adaptive way of a broken rudder. All our video's are at least 720p or full HD. see it as your own private gaming TV station, and it's best watched in full screen with a beverage. We put a lot of effort in making the highest quality in video and audio. enjoy watching our video's and we hope to see you all in the future :3


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Momenteel heeft Br0kenRudder ongeveer 154 abonnees op YouTube en is, op basis van het totale aantal kanaal-abonnees, gerangschikt als 1492e op de Nederlandse youtuber-ranglijst. Tot nu toe heeft hij 610 video's geĆ¼pload die in totaal ongeveer 65700 keer zijn bekeken . Br0kenRudder uploadt meestal om de 5 dagen (gemiddeld) een video en krijgt per gemiddelde video ongeveer likes en reacties.


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1492. 10/02 154
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# Datum Videoweergaven
1423. 10/02 65700

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