1967illya is een Nederlandse Youtuber.


Hi there. Thank you for visiting my YouTube channel. I love Rc's and especially crawlers. I don't believe in scalerealism. Who decides what "Scale" is? Shelvequeens are not my thing. I love to build performing cars, make 'm better bit by bit and drive 'm to hell and back. However i never intend to destroy things. I search the boundries of how much a car can handle are where it's limitations are at. My cars must have a certain awesomeness and look cool besides performing excellent. I am sponsored by Asiatees. As much as i enjoy watching the video's of other (almost daily), i hope you enjoy watching my video's as well! I really try to make something nice out of it and in good quality. As i professional photographer i really appreciate good quality video's. I tend to give my own video's always some extra care and attention while filming and editing. My RC cars are not all that High-Tech and in comparison to others i only own a few. I'm not the richest RC fan you know :). Enjoy!


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Momenteel heeft 1967illya ongeveer 3240 abonnees op YouTube en is, op basis van het totale aantal kanaal-abonnees, gerangschikt als 1252e op de Nederlandse youtuber-ranglijst. Tot nu toe heeft hij 469 video's geĆ¼pload die in totaal ongeveer 919115 keer zijn bekeken . 1967illya uploadt meestal om de 7 dagen (gemiddeld) een video en krijgt per gemiddelde video ongeveer likes en reacties.


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1102. 10/02 919115

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